Agribiofert --- Plant Origin Liquid Organic Fertilizer


To ensure maximum leaf assimilation AGRIBIOFERT treatments should not be applies during the hottest hours of the day. The product has no contraindications with other formulations of miscibility with the exception of sulphur, copper salts and mineral oils. You should always carry out small tests to check compatibility. Do not apply until 10 days have elapsed from prior treatment with products containing copper and mineral oils.


oliar Applications
500 GR to 1 kg / hl water spacing treatments every 8-10 days.
In greenhouses, reduce dosage by 30%


Root irrigation or sprinkling
Grapevine, Citrus: 20-30 kg / ha in late winter.
Fruit trees: 20-30 kg / ha autumn or late winter.
Vegetables: 3-5 kg/1000 m2, per application.

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